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What is romantic love ?

Romantic love is one of the least understood parts of the human soul,
in a state of infatuation we think falling in love "just happens" the romantic love is a mystery.
Romantic love is the love to a person who we wish will be Our partner for life.

But maybe under the spell of romantic love there are things we can talk about more "technically " ? People were trying to define romantic love in many

* Mode of strong longing desire to be with someone else
* Obsessive desire to be with the beloved
* Strong longing to be together
* Situation where we refer only to the person we love
* Fear of Rejection of Love
* Ability to see only positive aspects of the beloved and ignore the negative traits

Movies and fairy tales of romantic love always lead to a happy ending and in real life we have a tendency to believe that the romantic love really exists as it exists in fairy tales, we have a tendency to look for romantic love like in a fairytale.

But the truth is that it is important to make a distinction between romantic love and true love, romantic love is not love but idealism of love that makes us see our partner as an ideal rather than as a real person.

Intoxicating romance fades quickly, romantic love never lasts forever.

Romantic couples who were together for many years experience that it is not just romantic love, but a normal life with their partner, a life in which we find the meaning of lifes simple things, such love is the true love we can have and it is different from all the legends and films about love.

If the romantic love is devastating to us then why have romantic love? The answer is biocompatible, if we have sexual attraction our brain creates the appropriate stimulus.

The result of sex is a baby and a baby needs two parents together to survive, so romantic stimulation lasts for the period that the baby needs the father and the mother, and after the brief period romantic love fades.

Romance allows us to stay with a partner for raising children even after the initial fervor of sexual attraction and sex.

Articles by - free dating site
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