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How to attract the Ladies?
In order to become an appealing man to the opposite sex – follow these basic tips –
It's elementary!
1) Keep clean - Take a good shower, brush your teeth, cut your nails, shave, put some baking soda under your arms (instead of deodorant), wear clean clothes. Nothing puts off a woman more than a bad smell. Remember if you smell nice she would like to be close to you.

2) Keep a smile on your face – Remember it is very important to be cheerful (even though you have problems and half the world is starving…It wont help to think about it – you should help anyone in trouble but don't let it put your spirit down). A smiling man is an approachable man if you smile it means you are kind, nice at ease and fun and would make a good partner for conversations. We all like to be around people in a good mood – because it is contagious. If you are depressed snap out of it, go for a jog or read a good book.

3) Keep eye contact - it is very important!!!!! Look in her eyes smile softly than look down on her lips than look back in her eyes again – That can make her feel attractive and even blush – But that's something you should do only on the second date – if you get there….

4) Speak and move confidently – Confidence means self respect, you should respect yourself!!!! Women will always be attracted to men with self confidence. But don't be snotty.

5) Pay attention to the lady – Listen to what she has to say. Engage in the conversation, women love it. If she is in trouble always offer to help – don't take no for an answer.

6) Enrich your world – not with coins but with interests, good deeds, books, hobbies and friends, make your world an interesting one – which a woman would want to become a part of.

7) Make her laugh – that's a definite plus!

8) Keep a positive attitude – even if a woman turns you down you should still treat her with respect and remember "there's plenty of fish in the sea…."

Articles by - free dating site
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